Slewing Bearing : The Ultimate FAQ Guide

November 15, 2021

What is Slewing Bearing

Slewing ring is also called rotary bearing.

Some people also call it rotary bearing and slewing bearing.

English names are: sliding bearing, sliding ring bearing, turntable bearing and sliding ring. Slewing ring is widely used in real industry.

It is called “machine joint”. It is an important transmission component of machinery that needs to make relative rotary motion between two objects and bear axial force, radial force and overturning torque at the same time. With the rapid development of machinery industry, slewing ring has been widely used in shipbuilding equipment, engineering machinery, light industrial machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery, industrial machinery and other industries.


What is the basic structure of slewing ring

Slewing drive is usually composed of worm, slewing bearing, housing, motor and other components.

Slewing Bearing
Slewing Bearing

As the core component adopts slewing ring, it can bear axial force, radial force and overturning moment at the same time. There are many forms, but the structural composition is basically the same.

From the left and right are (upper part):

  1. Outer ring (toothed or toothless)
  2. Sealing belt
  3. Rolling element (rolling ball or roller)
  4. Oil nozzle from the left and right are (lower part):
  • 1. Blocking
  • 2. Blocking pin
  • 3. Inner ring (toothed or toothless)
  • 4. Spacer or cage
  • 5. Mounting hole (screw hole or smooth hole)

What is the application of slewing ring in construction machinery

Slewing ring is widely used. Construction machinery is the first and most widely used place of slewing ring, such as earth moving machinery, excavator, disintegrator, stacker reclaimer, grader, roller, dynamic compactor, rock drilling machinery, roadheader, etc.

Others include concrete machinery: concrete pump truck, concrete mixing and distributing rod integrated machine, belt distributor, feeding machinery: disc feeder and sand mixer; Hoisting machinery: wheel crane, crawler crane, portal crane, tower crane, fork crane, crane, gantry crane;

Foundation treatment machinery: percussive reverse circulation drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, percussive rotary drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, reverse circulation rotary drilling rig, positive circulation rotary drilling rig, long screw engineering drilling rig, submersible engineering drilling rig, static pressure pile driver and pile driver;

Engineering vessel: dredger; Special vehicles: bridge inspection vehicle, fire truck, window cleaning machine, flat beam carrier, aerial work vehicle and self-propelled aerial work platform; Light industrial machinery: beverage machinery, bottle blowing machine, packaging machinery, filling machine, rotary bottle management machine, injection molding machine; Marine crane: floating crane.

What is the working mode of slewing ring

According to the actual use and design structure, there are different working modes. There are two basic working modes: 1. The inner ring is fixed for its support, and the outer ring rotates; 2. The outer ring is fixed for its supporting function, and the inner ring rotates.

Method for solving slewing ring noise

Control method of dust sound

If there are dust and other foreign matters in the rotary support, aperiodic vibration will occur.

The so-called dust sound, the magnitude of vibration and noise is uncertain, with or without.

Control method of dust noise: improve the cleaning method of slewing ring / rotary table bearing, and strictly clean the bearing, shaft, seat hole and matching parts before installation; Remove foreign matters in the lubricant; Improve the sealing of bearings; Avoid using plastic cages with impure materials or embedded foreign matters.

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Rotary table bearings have many structural types, such as toothless, outer toothed and inner toothed four point contact ball bearings, double row angular contact ball bearings, cross cylindrical roller bearings, cross tapered roller bearings and three row cylindrical roller combined bearings. Four point contact ball bearings have high static load capacity;

Cross cylindrical roller bearing has high dynamic load capacity; Through pre interference, the cross tapered roller bearing can make the bearing have greater support rigidity and higher rotation accuracy.

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