CRBH series

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CRBH10020AUU Crossed Roller Bearing 100 150 20mm High Rigidity Cross Roller Ring CRBH10020 Thin Sect


The inner and outer rings are ultra-thin. Due to the ultra-thin design and the outer ring and inner ring without mounting holes, the mounting requires the flange and the support to be fixed. In addition, since the outer ring and the inner ring are both integral structures, the mounting has no effect on the performance, so that stable rotation accuracy and torque can be obtained, which is suitable for the outer ring and the inner ring to rotate, but there are occasions where the size is small.



CRBH TYPEInner diameterOuter diameterPitch diameterHeightChamferShoulder size Basic rated load(Radial) Weight
dDDpwBrdsDhCr KnCor KnKG
CRBH 208203626.680.324312.92.40.04
CRBH 258254131.180.329363.12.80.05
CRBH 3010305541.5100.336.548.
CRBH 3510356046.5100.341.553.
CRBH 4010406551.5100.346.558.58.610.60.15
CRBH 4510457056.5100.351.863.58.911.30.16
CRBH 5013508064130.6567417.320.90.29
CRBH 6013609074130.6668418.824.30.33
CRBH 70137010082.3130.6769420.127.70.38
CRBH 801680120100160.68811232.143.40.74
CRBH 901690130108160.69812233.146.80.81
CRBH 10020100150122200.611014050.972.21.45
CRBH 11020110160133200.612015052.477.41.56
CRBH 12025120180148.325113216873.41082.62
CRBH 1302513019015825114217875.91152.82
CRBH 1402514020016825115218881.91302.96
CRBH 1502515021018025116219884.31383.16
CRBH 2002520026023025121224892.31694
CRBH 25025250310279.5251.52622981022074.97


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