RA Series

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Series Introduction

RA thin type is a small and light weight bearing with a very thin wall thickness.

It carries heavy loads. Therefore, the bearing housing and pressure flange can be light weight. It is being used in rotary locations such as in robot hands. The outer rings of the RA thin type are separable and fixed by special rivets.


  • Industrial Robotic arm, Reducer drive
  • Precision Turntable, NC rotary table
  • Rotation part of Machine tools
  • Inspection instrument, Medical equipment
  • Aviation equipment, Military radar, etc

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RA Series

TYPEInner diameterOuter diameterPitch diameterHeightChamferShoulder size Basic rated load(Radial) Weight
dDDpwBrdsDhCr KnCor KnKG
RA 500850665780.553.560.
RA 600860766780.563.570.55.688.680.09
RA 700870867780.573.580.55.989.80.1
RA 800880968780.583.590.56.3711.30.11
RA 9008901069780.593.5100.56.7612.40.12
RA 1000810011610780.5103.5110.57.1513.90.14
RA 1100811012611780.5113.5120.57.45150.15
RA 1200812013612780.5123.5130.57.8416.50.17
RA 1300813014613780.5133.5140.57.9417.60.18
RA 1400814015614780.5143.5150.58.3319.10.19
RA 1500815016615780.5153.5160.58.8220.60.2
RA 16013160186172130.816517923.344.90.59
RA 17013170196182130.817518923.546.50.64
RA 18013180206192130.818519924.549.80.68
RA 19013190216202130.819520924.951.50.69
RA 20013200226212130.820521925.854.70.71
RA Series


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