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September 27, 20220

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Necessity and Adjustment Method of Gear Clearance Adjustment of Slewing Bearing

First. Necessity of gear clearance adjustment of slewing bearing
1. Different applicable work scenarios
The size of the gear clearance of the slewing bearing is related to the characteristics of the gear transmission. When the gear transmission is used for heavy-duty work, the gear clearance needs to be larger. The gap should be smaller.
2. Improper gear clearance affects normal work
The gear transmission of tower cranes and excavators is not only required for heavy-duty work, but also requires frequent forward and reverse rotation, and the speed is not high. Whether the clearance is too large or the clearance is too small, it will have adverse effects.

If the gear gap is too large, the operation of these equipment will not be very smooth, and the gear wear will be more serious; if the gear gap is too small, the lubricating oil film between the slewing bearing gear and the slewing reducer gear will be destroyed, causing The friction between the two becomes larger, and the tooth surface wears faster.

Coupled with manufacturing errors and elastic deformation of the turntable, it is very likely that the gear will be stuck.
Therefore, for heavy machinery such as tower cranes and excavators, in order to ensure the reliability of equipment rotation, it is very necessary to keep the gear gap of the slewing bearing at a moderate size and debug it according to the actual working conditions.

 slewing bearing Alt.

Second, the slewing bearing gear gap adjustment method
1. Meshing tightly to adjust the gap
In the position with high gear meshing tightness, adjust the gear backlash to the rated value. The value of this value should be adjusted strictly according to the given value, otherwise it may cause damage to the slewing ring bearing. In addition, in the process of gear clearance adjustment, it is also necessary to pay attention to the position of the teeth.
2. Use feeler gauge to measure and adjust
When the radial runout of the slewing ring bearing gear reaches a high point, the gear gap can be measured with a feeler gauge. If the gap is different from the given value, the slewing reducer gear can be moved to change the center of the slewing reducer gear and the slewing bearing gear. Correct the distance.

If the slewing reducer gear cannot be moved, it can be adjusted by moving or re-fixing the slewing bearing. After debugging, let the slewing bearing rotate a few times to see if the adjusted clearance meets the requirements. If there is a radial jump of the gear to a higher point, it should be marked and adjusted again.
When adjusting the slewing bearing gear clearance, if there is no gnawing between the slewing ring bearing gear and the slewing reducer gear, and the slewing mechanism can run smoothly, it means that the gear clearance has been adjusted properly.

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