Turntable Slewing Bearing Made In China 2022

October 20, 20220

Turntable Slewing Bearing Made In China

What are the reasons for the shortened Turntable slewing bearing service life?

The turntable slewing bearing support is widely used in engineering machinery, and it can also be called a turntable bearing. Speaking of the turntable bearing, I believe that everyone should know. There are many reasons for the shortened life.

The reasons for the shortened service life of the turntable slewing bearing support

1. Equipment issues

The rotary branch is knocked directly during installation, and the damage to the turntable slewing bearings with brute force is used. At the same time, the force that the rotary support is rotated will be unevenly used for a long time, causing turntable slewing bearing damage.

If the installation is not in place, there will be an error or the turntable slewing bearing position between the gap device between the rotation support and the installation foundation during installation, and the slewing bearing gap will be too small. The inner and outer circle is not at the same rotation middle point, forming different intentions.

turntable slewing bearing Alt.

2. The carrying capacity of rotation support

Due to the production process, the materials used in the rear branch support have different bearing capacity, the actual operation of the equipment during use exceeds the load of the city’s energy city,

which can easily cause bearing fatigue or collapse, resulting in a serious inheritance of the revolving support. Damage affects the service life of machinery.

3, friction

The friction force is a key factor for all machinery. Dust particles, water or other foreign objects enter the tooth co -convergence of the bearings, increase the friction of the turntable slewing bearings, wear the channel and teeth,

cause damage caused by rust support, cause damage, friction caused by friction Dysfunction is the main factor that leads to a decrease in the use time of rotation support.

4. Lubrication

Not injecting flavors or flax oil in time; flavors or flax oil are not in place; not proper selection of smoothing agents or bold oils; incorrect smoothing methods and so on.

In order to ensure the normal use of the tower machine accessories, when used, you must pay attention to the maintenance of the slewing bearings, apply the lubricant regularly, and do not let the bearings overload for a long time.


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