LYMC Factory OEM Worm Gear Slewing Ring Bearing

July 26, 20230

LYMC Factory OEM Worm Gear Slewing Ring Bearing

First:Factors affecting capacity of slewing ring bearing

1. Structural design

The structural design of slewing ring bearing directly affects its bearing capacity. Designers need to consider factors such as the material, size, shape and type of slewing bearing to ensure that it can withstand the required load.

2, material strength

Slewbacks are usually made of high-strength metal materials, such as steel. The strength of the material determines the compressive and bending capacity of the slewing ring bearing, which affects its bearing capacity.

3, slewing ring bearing type

Slewing supports usually contain a bearing system inside to reduce friction and support rotation. The type and quality of the slewing ring bearing are directly related to the bearing capacity of the slewing bearing. Common bearing types include rolling bearings and plain bearings.

4. Working environment

The bearing capacity of the slewing bearing is also affected by the working environment. For example, if the slewing bearing is operating in high temperatures or harsh chemical environments, the corrosion and heat resistance of the material becomes a key factor.

slewing bearing Alt.

Second, the method of improving the bearing capacity of the slewing bearing

1. Optimize support structure design

To improve the bearing capacity of the slewing ring bearing, it is necessary to select the bearing with good quality. Secondly, it is necessary to optimize the structural design of the support to improve its bearing capacity. For example, strengthening the contact between the steel ball and the circular raceway in the contact area of the support and increasing the bearing area of the support can effectively improve the bearing capacity of the support.

2. Correct use and maintenance

In addition, the correct use and maintenance of the support is also the key to improve its carrying capacity. Regular inspection and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the support, can be effective service life.

The factors that affect the bearing capacity of slewing ring bearings are usually tested and evaluated by manufacturers during the design and manufacturing process. When using a slewing bearing, it must be ensured that the load applied does not exceed its carrying capacity to avoid damage or accidents. The specific bearing capacity parameters can usually be found in the technical specifications of the slewing bearing product or the manufacturer’s technical data.


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