High Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearing

February 6, 20230

high precision cylindrical roller bearing

The method and advantage of artificial cleaning cylindrical rolling bearing

During the use of cylindrical roller bearings, many substances that reduce the life of the cylindrical roller bearings will be attached. Timing cleaning can increase the life of the cylindrical roller bearings. When artificial cleaning, it is only suitable for small bearing cleaning.

roller bearing Alt.

Artificial cleaning often takes the following methods alone or united:

1. Use hair brush, cotton wire and other tools to directly clean up the stolen goods on the cylindrical roller bearings.

2. Rinse the bearings, spray, or hold the cylindrical roller bearings in the cleaning solution with the shampoo, and motion the bearings to rotate at the same time. This is based on the power of the relative motion between the bearing parts and the liquid on the basis of soaking, and washed away the objects attached to the bearings.

3. Use hot oil, hot water, hot air, and steam to heat the cross roller bearings to dissolve and fall off by lubricating fat.

4. Soak the bearings with a certain liquid medium. The effect is mainly to separate the lubricating fat from the bearings, so that the stolen goods are cleared with the lubricant.

The commonly used mediums are solvents and weak alkaline liquids. Commonly used solvents are kerosene or diesel, because they have a certain decontamination ability and weak volatility. Compared to gasoline, acetone, benzene and other flammable and explosive toxic media are safer. Commonly used weak alkaline liquids include sodium carbonate aqueous solution and some synthetic detergent solutions.

Its main function is to remove lubricants on the bearing through saponification reactions. The cleaning medium should not cause adverse reactions such as corrosion of the bearings. The advantage of artificial cleaning is that there is no need for complex equipment and technology, and less investment.

The disadvantages of artificial cleaning are poor labor conditions, low efficiency, and the quality of cleaning are affected by the factors of the operator. When the roller bearing weight and size are large, it is difficult to clean it. At this time, mechanical cleaning is needed. The cleaning of the bearings is particularly important. Timing cleaning roller bearings can greatly increase the service life of the bearing。

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