High Speed Ball Slewing Ring Bearing In Stock

November 30, 20220

high speed ball slewing ring bearing in stock

1.How to reduce slewing ring bearing tooth noise?

The slewing bearing can stably support the equipment for slewing motion, also known as the turntable bearing. The mechanical equipment needs to rotate without the transmission. The slewing bearing can be made of external teeth or internal teeth, and the rotation of the slewing bearing is realized through the gear transmission.

In practical applications, the force of the slewing bearing is different, the speed of rotation is also different, and the teeth of the slewing bearing are also different. In the process of gear transmission, the contact between the gear and the ring gear of the slewing ring will generate noise, so how to reduce the noise of the slewing ring?

slewing ring bearing Alt.

1. Control the tooth precision. Through long-term practice, we found that if we want to reduce the tooth noise, the tooth precision needs to be controlled at 7-8 grades. The higher the rotational speed, the higher the gear tooth precision requirements. Gear, tooth accuracy should be controlled within 7 grades.

2. Reduce the start-stop or forward and reverse frequency of the gear. Frequent start-stop or forward and reverse rotation will cause the gear to vibrate too fast, and the vibration will generate noise. The faster the vibration, the greater the noise. Reduce the start-stop or forward and reverse frequency, you can Reduce noise.

3. Reduce the impact load. The impact load will make the vibration frequency and torsion direction of the gear different, which will cause vibration in the circumferential direction, which will form a smooth noise. Reducing the impact load can reduce the noise.

4. Reduce the occurrence of resonance, which will generate high-frequency noise. When the motor rotates at a low speed or at a certain speed, the equipment will resonate, causing the gear and ring gear to oscillate at a high frequency and the two oscillating objects will contact. High-frequency noise will be generated, which can generally be reduced by changing the speed or adjusting the position of the equipment.

5. Increase the roughness of the tooth surface. If the roughness of the tooth surface is very poor, it will cause point contact on the tooth surface, and noise will be generated when the high point contact is made. If the roughness of the tooth surface is increased, the tooth surface will be in line contact, and the noise will be very high. Small.

6. Increase the lubrication of the tooth surface. Insufficient lubrication will lead to increased friction, and noise will be generated when the tooth surface is rubbed. Sufficient lubrication can reduce friction and effectively reduce noise.

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